Audi S5

Tesla Model S P85 meets Audi's Legendary Quattro

Electric Supercar in Disguise

This German V8 Coupe no longer has a distinguished rumble. In fact, you won't even hear it coming. Our Audi S5 boasts 200+ miles of range and over 500 HP being delivered to all four wheels using Audi's race-proven mechanical Quattro AWD system.

mx3 frame grab-1.jpg

Mazda MX3

AC Powered Retro 90s Mazda

Spirited Commuter Car for Everyone

This 90s Mazda no longer screams climbing a hill thanks to it's fully electric AC Motor producing 88 HP.  This front-engined, front-wheel drive, manual transmission car gets a handsome 100 miles of range on a single charge all while keeping a smile on the drivers face with the instant acceleration.